Battery Resistance Measurement

Decided to check out the current peaks and measure the voltage drop on the battery.
The currents FB_L and FB_R are different, because motors have a little difference resistances.
Update 2013.01.04: Motors have the same resistance, the problem is somwhere in the right motor's power line, might be the R_DS(ON) Resistance of the H-bridge, because one of them was prieviously used. Soldering a fresh MC33887 may solve the problem.

Peak currents are 1,69A and 1,33A
Voltage before load 11,74V
Voltage during load 10,37V
So resistance R=(11,74-10,37)/(1,69+1,33)=0,454 Ohm

May be I'll add negative voltage feedback, to compensate the error during loads someday in future.

Love this feature.

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